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"Girl Scouts promote lesbianism and abortion!"

Yes why do you think I bought 15 boxes of thin mints. 

Yes, but Girl Scout shouldn’t be a thing, it should just be Scouting of America!!

Girls Scouts became a thing because guys could not and still cannot handle women in their troops defend the girl scouts to the fucking death because we aren’t equal and taking away safe spaces for young girls won’t achieve that either 

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imagine a horror movie where you’re trapped in your house with a serial killer but all your lights are clappers

so you’re running for your life from this psychopath while both of you are just aggressively clapping the lights on and off

Is this a horror movie or a sitcom/comedy/(romcom?) ?

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Dear Mom and Dad,

This is what happiness looks like. Sorry you were so miserable in your own lives that you couldn’t allow me a chance at my own. I went out and found it anyway. I miss you, and will miss you even more this holiday season since you won’t allow me to come back home unless I have a woman on my arm. Oh by the way, we’ll still be using the family recipe for the stuffing, I’m sure it’ll be a hit with our friends.

Happy Holidays,
Your son, his boyfriend, and our spoiled cat

this deserves a million notes omfg

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so what youre saying is that you support cis people? after all theyve done to oppress you as a "queer" individual?
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Yes. I do support cis people. Just in the same way that I would support anyone else. If you are born cis, you cannot help that fact. You aren’t born into hatred. Being cis isn’t wrong. At all.

Have I been oppressed by cishet individuals? Absolutely. I’ve had the shit beat out of me all through high school because of my sexuality. I’ve been beaten, abused, held down, denied employment, and raped for who I am. By cisgendered, heterosexual people. But that doesn’t change the fact that my father is cis. My mother is, too. My friends are. My classmates. My roommate. My girlfriend, for fuck’s sake, is cis.

Just because I have been wronged by some, does not give me the right to hate all. I hate some. Not, by any means, all.

I hate those that have wronged me as individuals. As specific people, who have done specific wrong to me. My rapist was cisgendered. But, so is my eight-year-old niece. 

In short, Anon, yes. I absolutely support cis persons. Why? Because being born with uncontrollable traits is not grounds for hatred, under any circumstances. 

Two of the three boys that beat the shit out of me in high school, consistently, were black. Does that give me the right to hate all black men? Absolutely not. Do you see where I’m going with this, Anon?

No matter the circumstances, hating an entire group of people based on immutable traits is wrong. When you do harbor these prejudices, you are no better than those you claim to be fighting.

Did i just read something rational on Tumblr. Doesn’t this violate some law of nature? 

I am in agreement of this

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This is one of the most inspirational posts I have ever seen on Tumblr.

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I’m so glad to see the younger generation waking up to this hypocrisy. 

The homeowner at 22 one is killing me.


This meme makes me so angry because it’s so on-target.

I am screaming

this isn’t even funny to me it just makes me want to find the nearest baby boomer and deck them in the mouth

I reblog this every time because it always re-ignites my anger.

I feel you sphynx-prince.  

Yet the never stop yelling at you to get your shit together.

When both me and my mother were jobless we both applied to the same place for the same position. She has 40 years of experience and I have in total 6 months experience in retail. Guess who got the job after the interview? Wasn’t me. I can actually do shit quicker than her and carry heavier things and in general I can reach places short people like my mother can not. I was told I needed more experience in my CV/ resume to get a job that was all about filling shelves and serving people. My mother got the job and had to get a different job as her physical health deteriorated and the long hours caused her too much issues. Even though she stated she had a brain tumor removed in 2010 she still got the job and I kept ALL my medical conditions quiet so in reality they will not hire able bodied people to do the job if they don’t have the experience. But you need a job to get experience but you need experience to get a job…

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Well, you know…shit.

why would you pay someone for 26-51 weeks for doing nothing

you have a very, very odd definition of “doing nothing”.

Why would you pay someone for 26-51 weeks to care for a child (which is, as the previous comment states, in no way “doing nothing”)?

Allow me to answer that for you:

  • A study of 16 European countries from 1969-1994 found that “more generous paid leave is found to reduce deaths of infants and young children”; specifically, mathematical models found that
    • "a 10-week increase in paid leave is predicted to reduce infant mortality rates by between 2.5% and 3.4%,"
    • "a 10-week extension [in leave] is predicted to decrease post-neonatal deaths by 3.7 to 4.5% and child fatalities by 3.3 to 3.5%," and
    • "rights to a year of job-protected paid leave are associated with roughly a 20% decline in post-neonatal deaths and a 15% decrease in fatalities occurring between the first and fifth birthdays" (x)
  • A more recent study again of 16 European countries plus the USA and Japan found that “a 10-week extension in job-protected paid leave is predicted to decrease infant mortality rates, post-neonatal mortality rates, and child mortality rates by 2.6%, 4.1%, and 3%, respectively” but that these effects were not found if the leave was not job-protected or paid (x)
  • Women who receive pad leave are more likely to be employed, 54% more likely to report wage increases, and have a 39% lower likelihood of receiving public assistance and a 40% lower likelihood of receiving food stamps in the year after the child’s birth; men were also less likely to receive public assistance and food stamps if they received paid family leave (x)
  • "Maternity leave legislation in Europe effectively increases job protection and female labour market attachment" (x)
  • "An increase in leave duration is associated with a decrease in [post-partum] depressive symptoms until six months postpartum" (x)
  • "Shorter maternity leave (<12 weeks) was associated with higher maternal depression, lower parental preoccupation with the infant, less knowledge of infant development, more negative impact of birth on self-esteem and marriage, and higher career centrality" (x)
  • "Breastfeeding duration increased sharply, by over a month, and the proportion of mothers attaining the public health benchmark of 6 months exclusive breastfeeding increased by nearly 40% [after Canada increased the length of mandated paid maternity leave]" (x)
  • "Maternity leave led to small increases in birth weight, decreases in the likelihood of a premature birth, and substantial decreases in infant mortality for children of college-educated and married mothers, who were most able to take advantage of unpaid leave [in the US]" (x)
  • "Increased time with the child [due to mandated maternity leave in Norway] led to a 2.7 percentage points decline in high school dropout and a 5% increase in wages at age 30" (x)
  • "Children whose mothers return to work early are less likely to receive regular medical checkups and breastfeeding in the first year of life, as well as to have all of their DPT/Oral Polio immunisations (in approximately the first 18 months of life)" and "children whose mothers return full-time within 12 weeks are more likely to have externalising behaviour problems at age 4" (x)

Does that about answer it?

No it doesn’t answer the question at all. The question is why should you get paid when you aren’t ***working***.

So that babies don’t ***die***.  Because most people agree that that’s ***bad***.

*****that is not a businesses problem*******

****************************************you wanna like substantiate that somehow?*************************************************************

if you can’t understand a concept that simple good luck in the real world

O shit! How do you think the 160+ nations with paid leave are gonna feel when they hear they’re not part of the Real World? Do you wanna tell them?

Also, it’s only simple if you accept capitalism as an immutable part of human nature and not a social construct. Which is certainly easier but also most certainly incorrect.

Lol whoever says raising kids (especially newborns) isn’t fucking work, or worthy of being paid, should come and sit in at my house. I only have one child but he is a handful and a chore.

For 12-14 hours i am entertaining, cooking for, cleaning up after, clothing, patching up, and bathing a 2yo. I have a break while he naps (which ranges from 30-60mins), but that time is devoted to housework or personal needs (showering most days). That isn’t even mentioning the chore of errands or taking him to his gym classes. I’m fortunate enough to be able to go to the bathroom alone, thanks to my family being present and helping me.

This isn’t even talking about raising a newborn, which is 24hrs without break.

Mothers have the most important job in the fucking world and they do it without pay or even recognition. We get slapped in the face by brats who write off what we do as “doing nothing.” People who so quickly forget or ignore what their own mothers did or still do.

Lol seriously fuck off with that bullshit that mothers “do nothing” while on maternity or family leave. Raising a child is literally the hardest and the most important thing to do and we don’t get paid like seriously fuck off with your terrible, entitled, ignorant attitude. Giving women at least 26 weeks of paid leave is literally the least we can fucking do.

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do you ever walk to the beat of your music in public and you think you look really cool but you probably just look like a dumbass


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on a scale from hans to ariel how well do you handle being the youngest ginger child out of an insane number of siblings


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the fact that people are like “Coca Cola supports racial equality, I’m not going to be drinking Coca Cola anymore” and “Google supports gay rights I’m not going to use them anymore” like what next “the Earth provides Oxygen to ethnic minorities I’m going to stop breathing in protest”