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specialist math

can u guys give me downsides to any one of these subjects plz im one subject short for next year (im doing biology and music for my electives) and i need to choose one of these and i only vaguely know what any of them r about thank u god bless


Take the math. Learn how to problem solve and think in ways you never have before. And then teach yourself anything you want with those skills. That is the beauty of math, learning how to think rationally, problem solve, and apply those then to anything. So many people say when they are young that they don’t like math. Then in university they take economics and business to make money. Those require math. Money is math. Biology and music are math. Physics, chemistry, and business are math. Psychology and law can be modelled with statistics and specific cases can be solved using the type of problem solving and thinking required for math. Math is it’s own language, it can be a form of literature. Shakespeare wrote in iambic pentameter, a rhythmic pattern, which can be modelled with math. It’s numbers, logic, and rational thinking. Math does not need to be difficult, and you do not need to be a mathematician to do well in math, or anything it can be applied to. You only need to think outside the box and be willing to challenge yourself mentally, more than the average person. Take the math. Sources: veteran math tutor, engineering student, thinker :)